IEA, Inc.

Engineering Intern

May - August 2018 • Dallas, TX

What I liked

Every bit of it. I learned so much from all the PE's I got to work with. Everyone was really nice about answering any of my questions. I got to help out with small tasks on real projects, so that was great. Management seems to genuinely care about the employees, and fosters an environment that encourages their employees' professional development.

What I wish was different

There is really only one thing that made me somewhat uncomfortable. The first PE I was assigned to help went out of town a few days after I started. I was given something to do, of course, and a direction in which to go - it's not like I need someone to hold my hand with every step - yet not only was it my first engineering job, but also that PE was one of the few experts on the subject in the office. Still, I had plenty of resources, friendly coworkers, and my own blossoming skills, so I don't regret anything.


Don't be scared to ask questions. Sounds cliche, but it is so important. There are the regular questions, like if you're not sure how to start a task or need something clarified. But make sure you know WHY you're doing a task. Why do you need to format your files a certain way? Why does this quantity include these numbers, but not those? How does this actually impact the project? Also, be eager to learn. School is important, but an internship will tell you so much more about your chosen profession. For me, the experience completely confirmed that I'm in the right line of work.
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