IMG Financial Group

Financial Intern

June - August 2019 • Houston, TX

What I liked

The environment in the office, especially towards the interns, was fantastic. Every single one of the financial advisers that I interacted with on a daily basis was willing to stop their work and talk to me and explain what they were working on for clients. They gave me projects to work on that I was excited about and would actually be useful and practical for me moving forward. They sought out my opinion on a lot of different topics and utilized what I had to say a lot of time.

What I wish was different

Getting exposure to other advisers and how they operated. I was assigned to 3 different people, but I wish I had at least a few different projects with other advisers so that I could get a sense of how they operate and interact with clients.


Don't be afraid to go with smaller firms or companies. I know it's great to have an internship from a huge company on your resume, but the experience may fall short of expectations. Often times, smaller companies really need interns to do meaningful work and will take the time to teach you. I feel like you get a much better hands-on experience.
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