Inbox America

Project & Data Analyst

February - March 2020 • Alexandria, VA

What I liked

The office space is really nice.

What I wish was different

I didn't like anything about this internship. The company looks shady. Even if the website claims the company has dedicated teams of data scientists, marketing experts, and designers, no one really works there. There is only the managing partner and a couple of interns that allegedly work from New Jersey, but I never saw or talked to any of them. The managing partner told me I would be able to work on data science projects from a business strategy side and later on from a data science side, and that I could learn more programming and coding skills by working with more experienced data scientists. My internship there was not related to data science whatsoever. He treated me like I was his secretary, making me send emails, design infographics (which is totally not related to my background), and dictating me things he wanted to write down. He also made me review some legal documents, which again it is something not related to my background at all and has nothing to do with data science. What I did at Inbox was not useful neither for my personal growth nor for my professional one, and I often felt I was wasting my time. Additionally, there was not any chance to learn from more experienced data scientists as no one really works there. The managing partner also claimed he would pay me a stiped at the end of every month, but I never got paid. I am not the kind of person who likes to go ask for money, but I feel that as my employer he should have addressed the situation and at least tell me that he was not willing to pay me eventually.


I would not recommend working at Inbox, not even if you are desperately looking for a job. If for some reason you end up applying for a position there make sure you have the managing partner write down everything in your contract/offer letter, as he does not really comply with what he says. Moreover, be aware that you might end up doing something you did not apply for.
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