Inclusively Fit

About Inclusively Fit

What if there was a place for your child that combined exercise, education and empathy? A place where “welcome” is a mantra, not a mat. A place where success is measured in smiles as well as speed and steps.

Introducing Inclusively Fit, an approach to fitness and exercise as unique as the individuals it was created to serve. If you’ve struggled to find fitness programs or facilities that meet the specific needs of your child, you’re not alone. Inclusively Fit was founded upon a very simple realization … children with special needs can greatly benefit from a personal exercise and fitness program. What was missing, was a program built specifically for the purpose of meeting that need. A place that understands a person’s physical well-being is strongly connected to their emotional well-being. And that physical accomplishment doesn’t just build stronger muscles, but a stronger sense of self.

We’ve asked ourselves, “What if?” Our answer is Inclusively Fit. A place that believes fitness is a journey best traveled with friends.
Contact us today if you’ve ever asked, “What if?”


Personal Trainer

June 2019 Sterling Heights, MI
“Working with clients is incredibly rewarding, and being creative with how workouts are to be achieved is also enjoyable. The clientele base is provided by the employer.”
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