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What info would be most beneficial to me before interviewing for a nurse internship at Independence Blue Cross?

I prepared by fully researching the specific position I was being interviewed for and what would be expected of me. They offer a variety of nurse internships that span from community health to working internally with the insurance teams. I worked as one of their internal nursing interns, so they ...
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I'm seeking out information on what it's like to be a nurse intern at Independence Blue Cross!

I worked as an internal nurse intern, in the Community & Case Management Team, so I travelled to their office building in Center City and worked a typical 9-5 schedule. I was able to assist their RN Health Coaches perform health assessments for clients, worked on data entry for coworkers, and oth...
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This may be a stretch, but if there are any nursing majors with experience as a nurse intern at Independence Blue Cross, how did your major help you?

If I had been working at one of the community health centers, I would have been fully prepared. The interns working in those positions were able to perform a lot of basic nursing care, such as vital signs, patient intake assessments, and supervised flu shots, etc. As I was working internally, the...
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How do I prepare for an interview for an Actuarial Analyst position at Independence Blue Cross?

The interview process at IBC was streamlined. It started with a phone interview where I passed screening tests such as what was my GPA, explain some of the experiences that I had on my resume, etc. After that, I was invited to do an on-site interview at the company. I met my manager, the team, as...
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