Indian Springs Resort

Front Desk Receptionist

June 2019 • Calistoga, CA

What I liked

It was nice learning a new area of the hospitality industry. I have mostly been a server at various restaurants and catering. This job is unique for sure. I learned alot about the therapists and their jobs. It is a very intimate job and making sure the guests feel comfortable in their own skin is extremely important

What I wish was different

I wish they were more organized and that their pos systems were more updated. They are operating on I internet explorer and we frequently experience crashes, freezes etc. Computers fluctuate between quick and easy or extremely slow. Also they are constantly changing their policies which is very frustrating both for staff and guests


Try something new, even if the job is not what you are used to and you don't think you will care for it. Even if the job is not for you, you will learn new things and work with new people increasing your networking and connections
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