About Jamf

Who We Are
We are curious, self-starters, who thrive taking initiative and are excited by having global impact. We believe in selflessness and relentless self-improvement; we look for team members who shares these values.

What We Do
Jamf was born from the desire to create a better management solution for Mac user. After watching hudreds of users struggle to deploy, update, and secure Apple computers, iPods, and iPhones in business and in the classroom, we knew there had to be a better way to manage pesky IT functions. Removing the barriers of technology and empowering doctors to help people, creatives to design, and teachers to teach.


Technical Support Intern

December 2019 Eau Claire, WI
“Everything about it is amazing!”

Software Engineering Intern

June 2019 Eau Claire, WI
“I had a very knowledgeable and patient team who went out of their way to help me learn all that I could, and push to me to succeed. I enjoyed having new challenges presented to me on the daily and at times I was left to work out problems on my own until I absolutely had no ideas left. It was an amazing growth experience aiding me on my journey to becoming a software engineer.”
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