Jaylen D. Berry Foundation, inc.

About Jaylen D. Berry Foundation, inc.

The Mission

Did you know the state of Connecticut ranks #2 in the United States for having the highest income inequality?

The truth is the zip code in which our children go to school in shouldn’t determine the quality of their education or their access to opportunity.

That’s where we step in.

The Jaylen D. Berry Foundation’s mission is to help close this opportunity gap in the state of Connecticut by providing opportunities and resources to women, men & families from underrepresented backgrounds.


Fundraising Associate

August 2019 Middletown, CT
“It has been great working on a team at a relatively new foundation where Wesleyan Campus team members and interns have a significant amount of agency to pursue meaningful projects. It was also a great opportunity to get advice and leadership from many of the remarkable board members. ”

Outreach Associate

January 2020 Springfield, MA
“I loved having the opportunity to talk with scholarship recipients and local entrepreneurs. I learned a lot about each respective community and expanded my network along the way. The Jaylen D. Berry Foundation Inc. is a growing non-profit organization and I loved being a part of expanding it.”
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