Jenson Online, Inc.

About Jenson Online, Inc.

Jenson Online, Inc. began in 1999. It was started by Steve Jenson with a bread making book he bought for $0.25 (he wanted to make Jalapeno Cheese Bread) and found he could sell the book for a lot more online. This began a long journey that started in Steve’s basement and ended up in this large facility in 2016. Since 2011, Jenson Online has been in the top 10 of book sellers on as well as in the top 10 of customer approval. In 2020, Jenson Online sold over 1.69 million books worldwide. We also diverted 4917 tons of books from landfills and shipped them to recyclers.

Jenson Online buys books/media from thrift stores around the western USA, scans them, and sells them through Amazon. Our main goal is to give the buyer of our books the experience they want with that book. This means we send the correct book at the quality level it is advertised on Amazon. As we do this, our sales will increase and our business will grow.


Book Scanner

July 2020 - October 2020 Logan, UT
“I liked the schedule! The shifts were convenient times and not too long. ”

Book Sorter

January 2019 - August 2019 Logan, UT
“Environment ”
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