Graphic Designer Intern

May 2018 • Denver, CO

What I liked

It was very flexible! I got to work on a lot of different skills, such as animation, graphic design. I also got to work with a lot of really great people.

What I wish was different

I wish I had learned how to manage work-related stress more quickly. I get really into what I'm working on, and that focus is both good and bad. I ended up feeling exhausted at the end of each day from pressuring myself to produce above and beyond work every project. Quality work is important, but burning myself out every day only made it harder to produce anything.


Work hard, but know when to have some fun! There are plenty of opportunities to take a healthy break, then get back to work. Make sure you take advantage of them! Take lots of walks and stretch a bunch. Don't forget that your own health is very important!
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