Johnson County Sheriff's Office

(Library) Page

June 2018 • Shawnee Mission, KS

What I liked

The blessing of having the most wonderful and supportive coworkers and superiors I never thought a mere "job" would have; the excellent inspirational and educational environment that is a library, with its many free and accessible resources; the opportunity of exploring myriad new interests through exposure to an entire library catalog of books and resources; and last, but certainly not least, the personal satisfaction of having the role in the community that I do (though it be small, it is foundational to the library system. Just as a custodian to a restaurant (for the whole establishment would close down if he/she failed therein)).

What I wish was different

That I had started much earlier in my life and utilized the resources they offer prior to doing so out of duty and obligation.


We all start young and rebellious. I never thought I would want to have a job like mine now. My advice: Face any and all challenges or opportunities with the utmost enthusiasm one can muster. Genuine and justified enthusiasm can make a mere inconvenience seem a blessing.
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