Johnson Creek Watershed Council


January 2018 • Portland, OR

What I liked

I love the experience of combing filming and environmental education together through these events the Johnson Creek Watershed council provides. I've met many different walks of life at these events and to witness the care for the environment is amazing to see. It is even better when we get to capture it on film and tell a story to the community about it.

What I wish was different

Honestly, I could say that the organization of our duties could be more organized, but I have made it into a learning experience. We as the videographers need to be in charge of the goal we want to show with the Johnson Creek, which includes scheduling, contacting, creating a plan, executing it, and re-polishing the final product. It was a lesson I learned over the summer that has been difficult but beneficial for me.


Whenever you are in a field that you enjoy, don't wait on the sidelines to be told what to do next. Take initiative of tasks needed to be done and make it your own. Don't doubt yourself because failure is your best friend, and that is how you will continuously grow in your field.
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