Just Vision

Programming and Communications Intern

May - August 2020 • Brooklyn Heights, NY

What I liked

I overall enjoyed my internship experience with Just Vision. I enjoyed being able to specialize in certain aspects of nonprofit communications (social media strategies, etc.) that interested me. Also, I enjoyed tuning into webinars that related to ongoing events in Israel/Palestine. Not only was this such an important time, given the situation of the global pandemic, to tune into these events and keep myself informed, but also it enabled me to contribute my knowledge to media strategies and newsletters for the organization.

What I wish was different

Other than wishing there was no global pandemic and I could have been able to go into the Just Vision office and physically meet my co-workers, I wish that an organizational model of tasks were used throughout the internship. In the beginning, this structure was used to keep track of tasks I should be keeping up with, and I feel like sticking to this model would have made my role easier when there were slow days and did not have to continuously ask my co-workers some tasks.


My one piece of advice I would share is to reach out and enjoy getting to know the people of the work environment, regardless of the online setting. Everyone at Just Vision had such a diverse array of experiences and advice and I really enjoyed having virtual sessions with each of them to ask them questions about their personal experiences.
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