Kane Realty Corporation

About Kane Realty Corporation

For decades, Kane Realty Corporation has been a leader in the development and management of district-level spaces within Greater Raleigh. Through the employment of smart-growth principles, Kane Realty's goal is to create spaces that improve the quality of life of residents, neighbors, businesses and visitors.

Our Mission
To be a recognized leader in creating places that improve the quality of life with a team of people of strong character values and the desire to deliver excellence.

Our Values

Hire first for character, second for ability and third for experience. Develop a team of people whose actions exemplify integrity, respect, open communications, trust, strong work ethic, and courage.

Execute with excellence in all that we do. Offer unique, distinctive and value-added solutions. Continue to think outside of the box. Continuously improve.

Golden Rule
Always treat others the same way in the manner we desire to be treated.

Build long-term relationships with our stakeholders. Be attentive and responsive to all our customers, employees, financial partners, suppliers, and community.

Be responsive in a timely and prompt manner.

Right Decisions
Do what is right and make the right decisions regardless of the source of the idea. Maintain responsible thinking for the long term.


Development Intern

June 2022 - July 2022 Raleigh, NC
“Love the work experience and culture”
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