Kansas State University Foundation

Student Gift Officer

November 2019 • Manhattan, KS

What I liked

The hours are very flexible and the Foundation is committed to helping students advance in their career as well as in their job at the Foundation. I felt like I was able to connect with my coworkers and actually enjoy going to work every day. The job is not physically exhausting and pays well for a student position.

What I wish was different

With COVID, the job changed over the summer to become a lot more socially distanced and in turn it became a lot more mind-numbing and exhausting since I was missing the time I usually got to spend talking to my coworkers. I sat in a room by myself for 20 hours a week which was less than ideal.


I am glad I stuck with my job despite the challenges and I suggest that all students working at a job should make friends with their supervisors to get connections and to add solid references to their experience.
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