KBC Advanced Technologies

About KBC Advanced Technologies

KBC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yokogawa Electric Corporation, is all about excellence in the Energy and Chemical Industry. We make excellence real for our customers through the actions of our people fused with our technology and best practices, powered by the cloud. Our customers achieve operating performance that surpasses ordinary standards, now and into the future.

We provide the following for the Energy and Chemical industry:
• Simulation, optimization, scheduling and production accounting software
• Strategic and technical consulting services
• Operational technology and IT services
• Data and applications as cloud services
• Advanced automation technologies


Process Consulting Intern

May 2018 - August 2018 Houston, TX
“This was my first job in industry, so I really enjoyed developing a work routine. Working feels very different from study at Rice. I found that I had more of a work-life balance during my summer internship than my time at Rice. I also just like learning how to interact in a work environment. There are a lot of soft skills and interactions that you cannot learn until you get on the job. ”
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