About KBX

Our story began in 1919 as a transportation department for a paper shipper, Fort Howard in Green Bay, WI. By 1997 our sign read Fort James, creating a footprint that expanded into a major multi-channel network, shipping from multiple locations throughout North America. Then our logistics operation further evolved after being acquired by Georgia-Pacific. The journey continued as we became part of Koch Industries in 2005. Our logistics team was once again transformed, in March 2015, into an independent Koch Company, KBX Logistics. Today we are a licensed logistics company with hundreds of employees – and growing.

Our history as a shipper helps us more directly understand how both shippers and carriers think about their freight. This gives KBX Logistics a unique perspective among our 3PL peers. We focus on finding solutions that create greater sustainable value across supply chains for shippers and carriers alike; and ultimately for society overall.

We are on a mission to increase efficiencies and uncover opportunities. Our belief is that an advantage is created when waste is eliminated. More incremental value is naturally created and shared by consuming fewer resources than the competition. KBX Logistics is striving to create solutions that attract quality capacity, reduce costs, increase loaded mileage, improve utilization of assets, and consume less fuel.

KBX Logistics is uniquely positioned to bring the advantages of our philosophy, experience and significant network to our partners; no matter their current size or scale.


Supply Chain Intern

May 2021 Green Bay, WI
“I liked the company culture and the ability to explore different parts of the company.”

Application support

June 2021 Wichita, KS
“The company works on MBM principles which was unique. My manager and peers respected my opinion and ideas even while being an intern and always wanted me to challenge and provide better and efficient ways of doing things. ”
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