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With you in mind we’re making it easier to explore, research, and select the test and measurement solutions you need – one stop for everything we offer. Now you can more easily learn about our products and solutions and find the exact fit for your requirements, including all of the Keithley products which are now available on our combined Keithley and Tektronix website. The Tektronix line of Keithley products spans an extensive range of electrical test instruments and systems used for high-performance production testing, process monitoring, product development, and research -- here you will find all of the application information for your measurement needs.


Applications Engineer CoOp

January 2018 - December 2018 Solon, OH
“Keithley has a really great vibe and is full of friendly people. The company really takes care of its employees and coops are always encouraged to get involved in social events. My boss was very flexible and granted me a lot of freedom to pursue projects and ideas that interested me. If he didn’t have work I would enjoy he made sure to introduce me to someone who did.”
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