Kent Prep

About Kent Prep

Kent is a pioneer in college preparatory education. We are located in the New York City borough of Manhattan & Queens—the most ethnically diverse county in the United States. We also happen to be a short driving distance to some of the most competitive and most coveted universities in the world.

Since 1989, Kent Prep has satisfied the demands of the most competitive student in this diverse city. We have developed an innovative method that enables our students to learn quickly, efficiently and retentively.

Kent Prep is responsible for helping students embark on their successful academic careers and beyond as individuals with strong philosophy ethos. We are proud of our students and all that they have accomplished on their respective educational journeys.



June 2019 - August 2019 Bayside, NY
“Great work environment, friendly and welcoming.”


June 2018 - August 2018 Flushing, NY
“Very friendly and welcoming work environment, and working with kids was always fun.”
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