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About Kids 4 Coding

Tech Education for Kids & Teens

At Kids 4 Coding, we’re preparing future engineers, architects, programmers and entrepreneurs through FUN, confidence-building curricula (designed by tech experts & educators) that capture kids' imaginations and motivate them to succeed.

Kids 4 Coding inspires our youth through innovative, hands-on projects and challenges designed to propel kids to Tech Readiness. Students gain an edge in STEM while learning to create and program (code) games, apps, websites, robots and more!


Lead Instructor

June 2024 - July 2024 Lawrenceville, GA
“Working with kids is always a fulfilling experience, it teaches patience and understanding of how to work with different needs. The work environment is also very friendly and enjoyable. My coworkers were fun to be around as well as the presence of the two women who run the camp. I also enjoyed how we were given creative freedom for how to run our class and the way in which we presented the material.”

Coding Instructor

June 2024 - July 2024 Lawrenceville, GA
“What I most enjoyed was the diverse amount of material they introduce to the kids. It engages critical thinking skills and allowed me to find new perspectives on how to teach people. It was an amazing experience to work for Kids 4 Coding.”
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