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About Kinex Medical Company

Kinex Medical Company is a durable medical equipment provider specializing in CPM, Cold Therapy, DVT Therapy, TENS Units, and Braces/Slings to be used post-operatively.

Kinex has service representatives through out the country that are proud to represent products and a company that delivers equipment that is clinically proven to quickly rehabilitate patients. This allows patients to get back to their daily activities faster than with physical therapy alone.

Doctors have come to trust the reliability and safety of Kinex equipment. They are comforted knowing that all equipment is set up and adjusted by highly trained staff. Their patients are taken care of by support staff available 24/7.

"Our mission is to exceed customer expectations and improve orthopedic surgical outcomes by providing continuous passive motion and other high-quality durable medical equipment items with the highest standards of service"


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December 2018 Waukesha, WI
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