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What information is helpful when prepping for an interview for a 1st grade teacher job at KIPP Columbus?

Kipp has a very strong mission and vision of what a KIPP teacher will say and do to uphold the mission. Please make sure that you have internalized this vision and are ready to fully "align" with it on every level. The culture and influence of the vision impacts everything the company does so you...
Interview Education Teacher KIPP Columbus
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What will a 1st grade teacher do every day at KIPP Columbus?

You welcome your students at the start of the day, monitor breakfast, and get the students ready to learn with morning meeting. Depending on your schedule, you'll have math, ELA, and literacy rotations in your classroom, as well as specials (vary by day). You work with your students in whole grou...
Day in the Life Education Teacher KIPP Columbus
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