KIPP Texas Public Schools.

About KIPP Texas Public Schools.

About KIPP Texas Public Schools

Across the state of Texas, millions of children live in educationally underserved communities, struggling in poor-performing schools. For more than 24 years, KIPP has demonstrated the powerful impact a high-quality education has on improving graduation rates and college attainment, enabling students and communities to command their futures. Through the network of schools in Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio, KIPP has been the driving force in raising expectations for academic success with students, families, communities, cities, states, and the nation by proving what is possible.

The KIPP regions in Texas have joined forces to create KIPP Texas Public Schools in order to accelerate the increase of our academic outcomes and the numbers of students we are educating. This unified organization allows us to more effectively leverage the talent, resources, instructional expertise, financial strength, and advocacy in the public charter school movement, in order to have an even larger impact with educationally underserved communities across our state. In the first year of KIPP Texas Public Schools, we will be educating over 27,700 students in 52 schools, placing the district among the top 50 largest in the state. We intend to grow to more than 100,000 students across Texas, proving what is possible for our students, our communities, and our state.



September 2020 San Antonio, TX
“The supervisors and the whole team are very understanding and supportive. They’re always available to help and are very encouraging. ”
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