Kiss Products, Inc.

About Kiss Products, Inc.

At KISS Group, we encourage all individuals of all backgrounds to share their innovations and creativity in creating a greater meaning of beauty in our lives.

With such a dynamic and growing workforce, we look for those who are willing to share and thrive in the company's growth and mission to "Bring the Salon Home"!

As our CEO & President, John Chang, stated, "Passion is what drives us. It allows us to see obstacles and challenges in a new light. That unique energy sets us apart from our competitors. We are proud of what we do here at KISS."

Challenge yourself and flourish as an individual and professional by joining our KISS Group today!



June 2018 - August 2018 Port Washington, NY
“The professional environment was a new experience and one that I liked. I was working with professional computer and electrical engineers in the IT team, which was a learning experience.”
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