Kitchen Chicks Catering

About Kitchen Chicks Catering

We look to hire employees with a passion for delicious food, creative beverages & fantastic events. Together, we are equipped to handle any event that comes our way – from formal weddings to backyard lobster bakes.

If you live in Southern Maine or have housing nearby, come work for Kitchen Chicks! We are a renowned, woman-owned off premise catering company in business for the last 17+ years. We do everything with the highest standards and work with some of the most prestigious clubs in Kennebunkport! Come have fun with us this summer!


Lead Waitstaff

May 2017 Kennebunkport, ME
“My boss is very much a part of the team. She is always working hard alongside of everyone and it makes me want to work even harder throughout my day. I really appreciate having a boss that will put in the work as well as everyone else. ”
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