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What's the upper management support like at KLA-Tencor?

Upper management at KLA-Tencor is very approachable. The nice thing about working at a company the size of KT is that management eats and works at the same place as everyone else. It isn't uncommon to bump into the Rick Wallace in the cafeteria.
Software Engineering Internship Relationship with Upper Management KLA-Tencor
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How is compensation determined at KLA-Tencor?

The expected compensation for work done at KT is up to industry standards in terms of getting paid for how much effort you put in. Compensation can be given in different ways but the most value that I received is the sense of family and everyone's willingness to help me grow my career.
Software Engineering Internship Compensation KLA-Tencor
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Why would you recommend KLA-Tencor as a place to work at?

KT has definitely been a blast for me. I'd recommend the job for anyone looking to gain some experience in the silicon wafer production life cycle. As a hardware focused company, you can see how the company is driven by different factors in comparison to other companies.
Software Engineering Internship Career Motivation KLA-Tencor
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