Knight Construction and Supply, Inc

About Knight Construction and Supply, Inc

Located in Deer Park, Washington, Knight Construction and Supply, Inc., is a heavy industrial construction company, working on a wide variety of projects throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond. KCS is known for tackling some of the toughest industrial construction projects in the PNW and beyond ranging from dam repair, mining, plant maintenance and fire protection.


Assistant Project Manager

June 2018 Deer Park, WA
“The company and employees are fantastic, the work is interesting and very relatable to much of the work done in ME focused classes. There is opportunity for 3D modeling and design with practical experience in things such as submittals, pay requests and project management. The project managers are all very helpful and willing to help out wherever it might be needed. The knowledge and lessons learned over the summer will also be valuable when graduation comes around and full time employment is being discussed.”
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