Knoxville Utilities Board

About Knoxville Utilities Board

The Knoxville Utilities Board (KUB) is one of the largest public utilities in the country providing electric, fiber, gas, water, and wastewater services to more than 473,000 customers in Knoxville and parts of seven surrounding counties. We exist to serve our customers, improving their quality of life by providing utility services that are safe, reliable, and affordable. Our mission is to act as good stewards of our community’s resources: utility assets, customer dollars, and the environment. We work to safeguard those resources and enhance their value for the people of the communities we serve and generations to come. We are looking for employees who want to be a part of a mission driven organization with strong values that support a skilled, diverse, and inclusive workforce. For more about KUB’s Vision, Mission and Shared Values, visit our website and read more about the KUB Blueprint.


occupational health student

April 2021 - August 2021 Knoxville, TN
“I loved the connection I had with all of the professional staff. I believed that I made some great relationships that impacted my role in the position and helped me grow confident in myself in a professional way. I also loved the autonomy and trust I was granted for my position. My co-workers trusted me to complete work on time and take on large tasks by myself. I worked on some project management things in a medical setting that gave me experience I never thought I would get. ”

Gas systems engineering intern

May 2019 Knoxville, TN
“The environment at KUB is very positive and uplifting. I haven’t met one person that is miserable in their job. You will have people that work with you and teach you things as you go. They won’t isolate you and give you tasks with no guidance. ”
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