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Konan University aims to offer a global-minded education, hoping to fulfill our founder's promise to "nurture scholars who will become the type of adults that are welcomed, accepted, and respected throughout the world.."


Summer Internship Instructor

June 2018 - August 2018 Kōbe, Hyōgo Prefecture
“I worked as a summer internship instructor at the Konan University. I got to work with four different professors and taught in eight EFL (English as a Foreign Language) classes. That was a fantastic experience! Firstly, my long-term career goal is to teach second language classes in colleges. This internship has allowed me to see what it is like to teach university students. I know for a fact now that it is a goal that I'd like to work towards. Also, the professors gave me so much room to practice teaching. They were not afraid of letting me take control of the class. I was even asked to design a new course which helps polish up students' speaking skills. There were no guidelines nor textbooks. I created everything from scratch. It was not easy, but I now have so much experience in researching and making lesson plans because of this experience. I came up with a lot of effective ways to teach English. Last but not least, I have developed the friendship with the students, professors, and my host family in Japan. I love everything about my internship.”
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