Member Services Assistant

April 2017 - October 2019 • San Diego, CA

What I liked

KPBS has the greatest benefits as a student assistant for over 2 years: - Very flexible schedule - Supportive & friendly staff - Quality, open, office environment - Your own office desk with drawers, etc. - Free food in break-room sometimes - Location: walking distance to Trader Joe's, Jack in the Box, etc - Fun organization culture for part-time assistants - Able to work up to 40 hours during summer & winter breaks - Easy office position if it's your first office job - Yearly $5,000 scholarship for part-time assistants

What I wish was different

I wish the departments weren't that separated, but overall I don't wish anything else was different. The pay is a bit low, but since it's a non-profit and also part of SDSU campus, one shouldn't expect a higher wage otherwise. You receive a performance evaluation on a yearly basis, and might receive a bit of a raise on certain circumstances.


Don't be afraid to connect with staff and ask if there is something you can help with so that you get more experience while you work there. Ask for feedback when you can and if you finish with your work, ask for more work!
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