Kraus-Anderson Construction Company

Project Engineer Intern

June - August 2020 • St. Louis Park, MN

What I liked

I liked the family aspect of Kraus-Anderson, and how willing everybody was to help me learn as fast as possible on the job. There was always someone who was able to take time out of their day to teach, direct, or guide me in the right direction to ensure I was in a position to succeed with whatever task I was doing. There was also a lot of freedom given to me on the project, and I was never micromanaged. This can be good or bad depending on your own work ethic and initiative, but since I was proactive, this freedom helped me learn faster and gain more responsibilities.

What I wish was different

I don't think there was anything KA could have done differently. Everything I wish would have been different could have been influenced by me which is why I think KA's internship program was such a good experience for me. KA allows you to create the direction of the internship you want to have and allows you to be proactive and go seek more responsibility or be reactive and take responsibility only when it is given to you.


The one piece of advice I would share would be to be proactive with the internships you take instead of reactive. Many internship programs allow the interns to get out what they put in so the more you put in and take responsibility, the better the internship experience will be.
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