Krispy Krunchy Foods, LLC

Kitchen Steward

October 2018 • Tuscaloosa, AL

What I liked

I enjoyed being able to prepare traditional Southern foods and work with a dedicated staff who truly enjoyed what they did. I met a variety of travelers from all over the Southern states and I was allowed to partake of some of my culinary creation, yum.

What I wish was different

I wish that some of our methods for maintaining our cooking implements were a big safer. I got burned a few times from the hot oil; though I suppose I was partly to blame for being so careless. Another thing is I kinda wish my pay was higher but given our location and irregular workflow it made it difficult.


Be prepared. Everyday. If the day seems slow and nobody's buying much of what you cook, DO NOT BE LAZY. Clean something, see what needs to be restocked or ordered, get more food ready for later or the next day, pick up a broom and sweep. A clean, stocked kitchen is a happy kitchen.
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