February 2019 - April 2020 • Cerritos, CA

What I liked

*opportunity to get tax preparation certification *understand taxes for individuals better, self- employed, and rental properties *flexible time off if needed *knowledge of how a motel or restaurant accounting books looks like *Free lunch meals during tax season

What I wish was different

*better employee training, hardly none *modern accounting software *improvement on receiving client info quarterly, work stacks up quick yearly, *clear work responsibilities with daily work agenda *feedback from upper management with more direction on projects, goals, and expectations *recognition of progress/improvements and value on employee input or new ideas


Learn the most you can with what is given to you. If you find yourself asking for work often, needing direction, or asking for training then it is time to look somewhere else. This place is best classified as a short-term work experience 1-2 years, rather than a place where you can build a career long-term. Also, don't be surprised if your yearly evaluation is bad, this is a way for you to not get a true hourly raise and a way to "motivate you" to become better. There is no interaction with clients if you are a bookkeeper, you only get interaction as a fairly new employee if you become a tax preparer.
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