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You have some big ideas for that yard of yours. The kind of ideas that are going to take more than just a lawn mower and some hedge clippers to bring to life. So you hire a landscape designer, tell them your ideas, and then anxiously await the results. And the results are a gigantic piece of paper filled with circles and some strange Latin words that would make Aristotle scratch his head. This wasn’t exactly what you had in mind. The truth is, legit landscape architecture isn’t about filling your property with
grass and plants. It’s about creating space for living. For life.

Landform Design Group (LFDG) thinks about every inch and action of your outdoor environment to truly capture your vision. Do you want a spacious patio to host big gatherings or a private sanctuary to get away from it all? Is your pool meant for quiet seclusion or for cannonball competitions? Do you dream of warm summer nights sitting around a sparkling fire pit or
cool winter nights cuddled up in front of a roaring outdoor fireplace? (We really like fire.)

It’s our job to know the answers—sometimes even before you know the questions. We see the soul of a space: its potential, its promise, its place in your everyday life. And our one-of-a-kind process goes like this:

You speak to us. Your site speaks to us. And we come back with a design meant to thrill your dreams, your realities, and yes, even your budget. lets you commit to the design package that feels best. Take advantage of our talents (Package 1: Custom landscape concept). Love us for our minds (Package 2: Ridiculously detailed construction plans). Or admire our brute
strength (Package 3: We connect you with the best wholesale bids and skill sets, then coordinate the whole affair).

It’s a process that LFDG has been perfecting since 2003. A real lifestyle doesn’t just extend down the hallways. It extends out the doors. So you need somebody to sweat the big picture. The little details. And you’ll take comfort in the answers you hear.

Can you do the work yourself? Yes. Can we finish it in phases? Yes. Can you budget for extras later? Yes! Can we take care of everything? Yes. When you’re thinking about landscaping, go with the designers known for thinking all the details through. You’ll just have one thing left to say: Yessss!


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June 2019 - August 2019 Salt Lake City, UT
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