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Imagine a world where technology recycles waste carbon emissions and makes new products, cleaning our air and giving carbon a second chance.

That world exists today with LanzaTech.


Product Engineer

January 2023 - May 2023 Skokie, IL
“A successful commercial mode is running on CO2 capture and storage. In this term, I have learned to set up the TEA, change the scale, update the pricing, and try to estimate some specific projects with some quick tools. LanzaTech continually receives new commercial inquiries and builds new proposals in Europe, North America, and Asia. And earlier this year, LanzaTech went public on Nasdaq, it brings the whole company excitation on the low-carbon energy field. Example: We had some projects, including steel off-gas and CO2 syngas feeding, using LanzaTech media and converting to ethanol and some other co-products, including protein, trace-alcohol, and IPA. I participated in the project's initials and set up some technique commercial documents for our customers, including general engineering info (flow rate, feed price, pressure, temperature, revenue, etc.) for their estimation and evaluation. ”
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