Late For The Train Roastery & Espresso Bars

About Late For The Train Roastery & Espresso Bars

In February of 1993 we opened our first espresso bar in downtown Flagstaff Arizona. We are still pulling shots downtown but in 2013, after 20 years behind the same doors we moved one half block north to 22 E. Birch Ave. Our front door now looks out at the historic county courthouse clock tower! We doubled in size. More space for seating both inside and out as well as elbow room behind the bar.

By 1996 we started roasting at our second cafe at 1800 N. Fort Valley Road. In 2004 we moved our roaster to 1071 E. Old Canyon Court (Rio de Flag Business Park).

Around 1999 an opportunity to open an espresso kiosk at Flagstaff Medical Center. Having once been a patient in FMC's ER and ICU, the owner, Dave Dobrick jumped at the opportunity to serve the doctors, nurses, staff and guests of FMC.



May 2021 Flagstaff, AZ
“I like my coworkers. The job is easy. Most customers are nice, especially when compared with those of certain larger coffee companies.”
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