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When children are in crisis, Lawyers For Children is at their side to provide protection, support and hope. We offer free legal and social work advocacy to abused and neglected children, children in foster care, and children in high conflict custody cases— ensuring that every young person we represent finds the love, safety and true sense of family that they need.

Since 1984, the attorneys and social workers at Lawyers For Children have been transforming the hopes of children in foster care into reality by providing critically needed, top-quality legal representation and social work services. Every day, LFC staff can be found in the courtroom and in the community, advocating on behalf of children in New York City.

Lawyers For Children gives our clients the representation and resources they deserve— a voice in the decisions that affect them, guidance in evaluating their options and support for the next steps in their lives. By advocating, educating and empowering, we dramatically improve the lives of youth in foster care and compel comprehensive reform of the foster care system.


Social Work Intern

June 2019 - August 2019 New York City, NY
“A great opportunity to learn about being an effective advocate. We were able to interview and interact with clients.”

Forensic Social Work Intern

June 2017 - August 2017 New York City, NY
“The exposure to the legal system and child welfare system in New York City was incredible; I spent much of my time in family court, going to foster agencies, visiting people in their homes and meeting with clients in the Lawyers for Children offices. There are few opportunities where I would have had the same exposure to the field of social work and child legal representation, which was why my Lawyers for Children internship was so meaningful and valuable. I also really enjoyed the exposure that this internship gave me to like-minded people who work in fields I am extremely interested in. Interacting on a daily basis with attorneys, social workers, legal interns and fellow social work interns was so fulfilling, informative and fun. I also really appreciated being able to interact with many of the children who Lawyers for Children represents, as I have much experience working with children in different capacities and greatly enjoy working to empower and support them.”
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