Leaf Group of NY

About Leaf Group of NY

Leaf Group of NY is a family-run holding company conducting a nationwide search for different businesses to add to its portfolio. The company acquires businesses in the lower middle market that have the potential to grow through operational excellence, stellar leadership, and more effective sales operations. We take pride in being family-run and having an entrepreneurial ethos.

Note to Universities
We are not a third-party staffing firm. The jobs an internships we hire for are for positions either for the central office (headquarters) or one of our subsidiaries that we have controlling interest in.


Acquisition Analyst Intern

January 2024 - June 2024 New York, NY
“I liked how I gained skills and knowledge not available in my coursework. I was able to gain a grasp of financial modeling in the Investment Banking industry while still in college. I also had both independent and collaborative aspects of my work, giving me a lot of experiences to fall back on during interviews for full-time positions. While this is a remote position, I felt that all of the interns were very involved, nice, and easy to talk to. Terry, our Managing Director, is very supportive and truly cares about the interns and teaches us the right practices and principles in a workplace environment to better prepare us for the real world. This internship program was very organized and was very helpful to me in understanding the types of full-time opportunities I wanted to pursue, along with what type of work environment I would want. ”

Equity Research and Acquisition Analyst

January 2024 - May 2024 Albany, NY
“What I really like about LGNY is the overall working ambience, that is, everyone is extraordinarily supportive and you can constantly receive feedback from not just the MP but also from your teammates.”
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