Liquid Agency

Program Manager Intern

June - August 2019 • San Jose, CA

What I liked

The interns got to be really hands-on and work with a client of their own for the duration of the internship which was super cool. I loved the control and autonomy I got to exercise over everything, and I learned so many skills crucial to the work environment, especially attention to details and time management. We also got to have our own mentor throughout the summer, and that was a very helpful experience as well. Lastly, I enjoyed getting to experience agency life for the first time and now I have a better idea of the work environment I want for myself in the future.

What I wish was different

We had a lot of performance reviews from our mentors which was very helpful to see our improvement, but I wish we had more peer reviews within the interns ourselves because we were working with each other the most and would've been the most accurate way of judging performance. Additionally, we worked a lot with the Portland interns which was challenging at times, and I don't wish it was changed that we just stuck to one location but it was something difficult that we had to learn to adapt to.


Always ask others on how you're doing and performing otherwise you will never improve! Also, it's okay to make mistakes as long as you correct them and learn from them :)
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