How do I prepare for an interview for a Sales Team Leader position at LocalAnyDay?

My interview was super laid back, and I am sure that is how they still run things. They ask you some basic interview questions, like a little about yourself, what you are studying, what your goals are, etc.One unique question they asked me was to sell them a marker. They asked what I would do fir...
Interview Sales Team Leader LocalAnyDay
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What's a day in the life of a Sales Team Leader at LocalAnyDay like?

My experience was that I would come in and figure out what places (mainly restaurants) I would call to try and get ahold of a manager, owner, or marketing team member of that restaurant. If I got ahold of them, I simply just explained what LocalAnyDay has to offer, and asked them to set up a meet...
Day in the Life Sales Team Leader LocalAnyDay
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