Logos Community Development Corporation

About Logos Community Development Corporation

Logos Community Development Corporations offers Family, Individual, and Parenting counseling services understanding that everyone faces times in their lives when they don’t know how to deal with the situation(s) they are facing. Difficult thoughts, emotions, and choices confront individuals in ways that can threaten to engulf them. Our services are offered so that no one has to face them alone. Solutions are available that can help. Our counselors assist in finding the right solutions for the challenges individuals and families are faced with.
Our licensed therapists honor individual differences and draw on each client’s family and cultural strengths. Utilizing the most current and effective interventions, our goal is to assist our clients to strive toward and reach their highest potential.


Therapist intern

June 2020 Harrington, DE
“Loved my hands on involvement, the various types of tasks I was assigned, my supervisor, and other interns that I worked alongside with”
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