Long And Associates, P.C.

About Long And Associates, P.C.

Long & Associates, P.C. is a full-service accounting and financial consulting firm founded in 1996 to service the needs of owner-operated businesses and individuals. We also provide traditional management consulting services to companies of every size.

What makes Long & Associates, P.C. different from other accounting firms? The answer is a unique mix of people, exceptional service and small size. At Long & Associates, P.C., each associate is committed to customer service. This does not just mean returning calls promptly and providing accurate and timely information. Our definition of client service takes it one step further. We believe that client service includes building a relationship that supports clients in realizing their dreams and goals. It means understanding clients as people and letting them know we understand that their businesses are vehicles to achieving these dreams. It also means letting clients know we will constantly provide advice, services, and resources to help them overcome obstacles in their way. Being a small firm, we can get to know each of our clients not as a number, but as a person. Furthermore, we are able to keep our overhead minimal, which allows us to keep our billing rates lower, while not compromising the resources available to our clients. We believe this combination of people, service and size is the ideal mix for most businesses and families.

We are in business to help you succeed and maximize your wealth.


Engineering intern

July 2019 Tampa, FL
“Learning and applying what I learned in the real world. ”
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