About Lovelytics

Founded in 2017, Lovelytics is an analytics strategy and services consulting firm focused on using our partner software solutions, such as Databricks, Tableau, Google Cloud, and Salesforce, as a means of providing our clients with a better understanding of their business data to make smart decisions. Lovelytics was named Tableau's Rising Star Partner of the Year for 2021.
Lovelytics delivers professional services to organizations with a focus on implementing customized implementations focused on creating scalable, intelligent, and governed data environments

The outcome of a Lovelytics engagement is a modern data infrastructure that enables clients with a better understanding of their business data to make smarter decisions. Promoting a culture of self-reliance is the staple of every Lovelytics engagement. We won’t leave our clients with an impersonal feeling as though they have simply “handed something to a consultant” and must now wait to hear back about the data and results. Instead, we much prefer to work hand-in-hand with your team to promote self-reliance while drastically improving your understanding and use of data.


Business Intelligence

June 2019 - August 2019 Arlington, VA
“Amazing people and office. Everyone was so welcoming and eager to have new interns. Loved that I was able learn Tableau and certified for free!”
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