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I'm currently prepping to interview for a biochemistry lab preceptor job at Macalester College, care to share your advice?

Take note of your strengths and weakness in lab skills. Review notes from when you took Biochemistry and think of what you will be best suited to help students with. Consider the qualities of good and bad preceptors you have had in the past.
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Does anyone know what the main duties of a biochemistry lab preceptor may be when working at Macalester College ?

A lot of the job consists of making solutions, so be comfortable with dilutions and molarity calculations. There is also a lot of cleaning and making sure the lab is tidy and each bench has the necessary supplies. You will also have to supervise and teach students how to use certain pieces of equ...
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Got advice for someone interviewing for the president's office assistant role at Macalester College?

When I interviewed for the job I met with the President's Executive Assistant. As with any interview, it is important to dress in an appropriate fashion. It is generally better to air on the side of formal rather than casual. It is also a good idea to bring a printed version of your resume/CV wit...
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What's a day in the life of an Assistant Graphic Designer at Macalester College like?

You will use InDesign and Illustrator on a day-to-day basis to assist with publication projects for various departments throughout Macalester. You'd keep up with the progress on various design projects by communicating with clients in and out of Mac through Kim's email. Kim would typically assign...
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