Machine Concepts

Mechanical Designer

May - August 2023 • Minster, OH

What I liked

I liked how I was working on projects that were used and wasn't just going through a training program. Throughout my internship I felt like my skills as an engineering student were improving. I also felt that the work I was doing was useful. I also enjoyed the variety of work that I was given because it let me use different skills. One of the projects I got to work on is a robot cell that sands and polishes airplane noses and bulkheads.

What I wish was different

I wish that I could have been in the shop more doing some hands on work with the machines that I was designing. I also wish that I could have sat in on more meetings just so I could better understand the process of working with customers. Another thing I wish I could have seen was a project from start to finish. I understand this would be difficult to do considering the timing and length of the projects but that would have been helpful to see.


Ask a lot of questions. The engineers appreciate when you ask a lot of questions because it helps them understand how you are doing with the project and it mitigates mistakes. I would also advise that you get to know everybody. Knowing people both in the shop and in the office helps projects go smoother because you won't be able to do everything by yourself.
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