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Tips for someone going into their interview for a sales associate role at Macy's?

To prepare for an interview with Macy's, Inc, know these things:1- Why are you applying for the position?2- What can you contribute to Macy's by working there?3- What are your strengths?4- What are your weaknesses?I also recommend coming with a couple of solid questions to ask the person intervie...
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How would you describe Macy's' company culture? Is it a good place to work at?

Old fashioned and slow to change. Be the champion you would like to see in the work place. Orders from on high may seem progressive but like with any place the culture originates at the bottom.
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What is it like to be a sales associate at Macy's?

The Macy's I work as in an anchor store at a major mall in a metropolitan area so my days differ depending on the day of the week and the time of day. Mon and Tues are very slow days and therefore I do a lot of cleaning, and ensuring that shoes are organized. I will often as our Shoe support lead...
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Compared to its main competitors, what are some areas where Macy's, Inc. stands out?

The multitude of brands Macy's offer. Instead of going to a store that is for a particular brand, Macy's is a variety of styles and fashion. I like how there's sports wear, jeans, fancy, suits, etc. offered in Macy's stores. It makes it easier for shoppers to stay in one place and get everything ...
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What does it take to succeed at Macy's, Inc.?

Build connections with customers, persuade them to get Macy's cards and be your clients. The more clients you have the more you appear as a important asset to the company. Make yourself stand out and keep up the dedicated work. Don't be late and always be aware of thieves. Prove your worth by you...
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How do I prepare for an interview for a sales associate position at Macy's, Inc.?

My advice is to just be yourself. Do not show visible nervousness and try not to fidget. They will ask you questions about your previous retail experience. One question that I remember in particular was "How did you make a great sale in your previous retail position, and how did you make the expe...
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What's a day in the life of a sales associate at Macy's, Inc. like?

Depending on what time your shift begins and ends, your days are different. Morning shifts have a lot to do with inventory, cleaning up what wasn't done the night before, and setting up for the best customer experience. Afternoon and evening shifts consist more of cleaning up after customers, rin...
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What's a day in the life of a Retail Sales Associate at Macy's, Inc. like?

It involves a lot of ringing people out. Be prepared to memorize your employee ID number immediately, because you have to type that and four-digit numerical password in for every single transaction you make. During the holidays especially, you spend a lot of time working the register. In your spa...
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How do I prepare for an interview for a Retail Sales Associate position at Macy's, Inc.?

Understand the role your interviewing for. Dress to impress but don’t over do it, it’s a retail job. Think of stories from your school or job experience that aligns with customer service and use those during the q&a.
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Do Macy's sales associates have good work-life balance?

You can expect the balance to be shifted heavily to work. They will call your cell phone and ask if you can work on your day off. They will ask you during your shift if you can spend an extra 3 hours that day. And you will be required to work Black Friday. Any availability you give, they will sch...
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How did working at Macy's, Inc. contribute to your professional growth?

As a engineering major, I understand that speaking and presentation skills are key to being successful. Macy's has taught me to communicate better with strangers along with planning out my schedule so that it better suits me. Working made me realize how precious time is and not to waste a moment....
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Best tips for someone prepping for a cashier interview at Macys?

•To prepare for this interview you will need to have experience as a cashier especially with the transaction of money.•Must Have customer service skills and have patience•Please come dressed for an interview. No sneakers!!! No jeans!! Usually wearing all black is the way to go..•Please be yoursel...
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What does it take to be a successful sales associate at Macy's?

You must be a people person. You must be kind and have the customer’s best interest at heart. You must also be patient with people. Some customers will have you follow them around the store trying different items without being able to decide what they want. Be patient and help them the best you can.
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How do I prepare for an interview for a Sales Manager position at Macy's, Inc.?

In order to prepare I looked at the company's website and pulled out specific initiatives that Macy's was taking part in. Everyone knows that Macy's has huge sales, offers a Star Rewards Member card, and has locations across the country but being able to pin point specific programs like their Sus...
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How do I prepare for an interview for a Pricing Agent position at Macy's, Inc.?

Macy's, and especially the pricing/support team, rely heavily on being able to work as a team, so I would recommend having an experience that you had working as a team to share during the interview. Additionally, if you feel that you are skilled in things like time management and being able to mu...
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What do sales managers at Macy's do?

Check Store sales from yesterday, and see how your department did - Did you meet your sales goals? Did you meet your credit goals? Did you meet any other store-wide initiative goals? If you're not the Executive in Charge (EIC), then Walk your department. Check in with your associates and evaluat...
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How does one go about prepping for a beauty advisor interview at Macys?

Preparing for a interview as a Beauty Advisor depends on the counter you have applied for. I worked in the Estée Lauder counter, so I prepared by learning about their top selling items and their Company philosophy. Learn about the brand you want to work for. You don’t really need to know every pr...
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What would you say are the pros and cons of being a sales associate at Macy's?

I didn't like how it was really difficult to keep up with the go-backs (clothes people would try on). There was always at least a Z rack (two rung rack) full, and they would expect it to be gone by the end of your shift, which was difficult if you didn't know where things went, like when you star...
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Can you speak about your experience as a store management intern at Macys?

You are on the floor all day checking in on employee's that are under the sales manager you are assigned. You will do everything from ringing up customers to looking through sales sheet on how they will move the store around. You learn how all the different leaders within the store work together ...
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How do I prepare for an interview for an HR position at Macy's?

Hi!I received the externship with Macy's through ILR's FEX program - a winter externship program, but if you're interested in the role, here are some helpful tips! Research about the nature of the employee learning and development Conenct with individuals in that current position to gain insider ...
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