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About Magnolia Baptist Church

Magnolia Baptist Church is a mid-sized church located in Anaheim, California. Although Anaheim is best known for tourism, baseball and hockey, our neighborhood is better known for immigration, homelessness and human trafficking. Roughly 87,000 people live in our zip code. Just over 50% of the residents are Hispanic. The other half is largely made up of an increasing Asian population (in particular from the Middle East) and a dwindling white, non-Hispanic population.

Magnolia Baptist Church was planted in 1956 by Ken Fischer. Under Ken’s direction, MBC made significant strides to evangelize the newly developing neighborhoods. Growing just shy of 2,000 regular attenders in the late 60’s, MBC established a reputation for being a community church. As new neighborhoods developed, MBC’s attendance declined. Today, our regular attendance is around 250.

However, MBC’s influence in the community is stronger than ever. In 2011, MBC called Jeremy Bratcher as the new Lead Pastor. Over the past six years, MBC has worked diligently to establish a unique missional presence in Anaheim. In short, MBC is a smaller church that plays on much bigger fields. We have been humbled by the influence God has allowed this church to have across our city.

We are committed to reaching West Anaheim and beyond through two essential pillars in our ministry philosophy: dynamic family ministry and intentional community presence. Join the cause and hear the call to live out love!


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