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What should participants be aware of before interviewing for an adjunct professor job at Manor College?

Hi, Understand that Manor is a Faith based school and the expectation is that teaching will be in line with the school’s mission and values. Next, focus your resume on your experience with the subject matter and why you want go teach. Finally, appreciate that at Manor resources are somewhat limit...
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What would the day in the life of an adjunct professor at Manor College be like?

You will use a recommended textbook but have some ability to request another source. You will prepare a syllabus but have samples available as reference. You will be greeted by mostly first generation college students of somewhat limited diversity. Your students will arrive on time and be respect...
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For those with the experience, what did you think of the culture at Manor College?

Formal and less forward than Ursinus. The school is fun my the Sisters of St Basil with an active dental intern program, vet tech program and popular Ukrainian Heritage Center. Staff are kind and helpful and many have been there for decades. The atmosphere is respectful though sometimes a little ...
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Skills most helpful for an adjunct professor at Manor College?

Patience, acceptance, understanding, creativity. I once assigned a resource review project that depended on access to various databases. I found out quickly that the library did not have some of the access and that not all students had access to personal computers. This was a few years back but i...
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I'd be interested in hearing some of the pros (or cons) about working as an adjunct professor at Manor College!

For me the college was very close to home which was very convenient. I truly enjoyed challenging students to work in diverse groups and expand their thinking. I enjoyed the autonomy but was sometimes frustrated by the lack of functions and resources. I taught at the Community College where the pr...
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Are there certain areas that Manor College may stand out in comparison to the competition?

Dental tech program and veterinary assistant programs - best in state. Manor graduates have success straight out of school. Most students transfer after two years as Manor has limited four year programs. But, the dental and vet programs are excellent!
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