McGrail Merkel Quinn & Associates, P.C.

Accounting Intern

January 2019 • Scranton, PA

What I liked

The people are very helpful and welcoming. They understand that new interns are unfamiliar with real-world accounting procedures, especially tax, and are willing to answer any question and help along the way. While tax may be intimidating at first, it is rewarding see improvements and eventually complete tax returns and other tasks independently. Throughout the experience, I gained strong insight on the environment of a public accounting firm and comfort in completing accounting tasks.

What I wish was different

It is difficult to work during busy season while managing a full class schedule. Over time, it becomes much easier and the firm is very understanding of and flexible with interns’ busy schedules. I wish I appreciated the learning experience more at the time, rather than constantly stressing. As a continuing intern with the firm, I now appreciate every piece of knowledge I gain and take each experience as a valuable lesson, rather than something to stress about.


Accounting, or any internship, can be intimidating at first. My advice would be to not stress over the little things. Everyone has to start somewhere. Interns should take pride in their work and reflect often on how much they have learned and progressed. Don’t stress about the little things, ask questions, and take advantage of every opportunity to learn!
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