Golf Operations Assistant

May 2020 • Lookout Mountain, GA

What I liked

I love being in the middle of a golf-centered atmosphere. I enjoy carrying out the various tasks that make a golf venue operate well. I have responsibility, am held accountable for the decisions I make, and am consistently given positive feedback about the value I provide to the company at large. As a golfer, working at a premier facility such as the Mclemore enhances my job satisfaction even more.

What I wish was different

I experience friction with my managers mostly regarding procedural matters. I'm often a sounding board for them, yet I feel unequipped with answers to give. Also, I prefer highly structured procedural tasks, and sometimes my management does not adhere to preset policies, thus making my job more difficult.


When seeking to make a decision in your place of work about what to do next in order of importance, it is helpful to consider this decision in light of the overall purpose of the company in which you work for. If your decision is chiefly influenced by this, then it is hard to go wrong. Making decisions and cultivating understanding is difficult; try to be as willing as possible to ask questions about performing tasks and understanding the purpose of your company.
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